The story of Jess

Having grown up in a rural town with a lot of trees and not a lot to do, once I had the chance to go to the city I took it and never looked back. While other people went on about ocean sunrises and mountain vistas I was always just indifferent. But I also felt that kind of like with religion, Love of Nature was never something to be publicly questioned. I just kept my non-believer status to myself, and made excuses when everyone else was going camping.

Things started to shift in 2009, my first spring in my own house. I took to plants with a fanatical passion, spending absurd amounts of time and money building and caring for my collection. It wasn’t the idea of landscaping or growing food that I cared about, it was all about the plants themselves. I saw them as a medium to design with, creating compositions their colors and textures. I wanted to control nature. I struggled to maintain order, but inevitably leaves were chewed by insects and carefully placed seedlings outgrew their boundaries. It was an ongoing battle until the day the frost came, when nature always got the last word.

Until now.